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Patient Notes

Ensure efficient and safe contact record-keeping with Electronic notes.

Facilitate Effective and Secure Patient Records Keeping 

Following all the guidelines from the NMC, our patient notes module is easy to use, adaptable to the services you offer and gives quick, easy access to every note written.


Search functionality means that you never have to scroll through pages of notes to find a key piece of information.


 Care management reports will give you all the KPIs you need around contact with patients.

Our Capabilities


Improve accountability of the care staff with audit trail

Password protection

Ensure patient confidentiality with role-based access.

Email Updates

Save time for patient care with bulk contact notes for events


Save staff time and effort with easy-to-locate and accessible notes


Allow staff to work from anywhere with remote accessibility

What Our Clients Say

Claire House Children's Hospice Logo

Claire House received an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating in their latest inspection and we were delighted to see how The Care Database helped Claire House achieve this rating.
Janet Sutherland Oakes
Director of Clinical Services at Claire House

See for yourself how The Care Database safely manages care

Janet Sutherland Oakes

Director of Clinical Services at Claire House

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