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Professional's Access

Streamline Collaboration: Grant Professionals with Individualized Access Portals

Medical Information
Our Feature Highlights

Quick Information Retreival

Simplified Information Sharing

Personalised User Friendly Experience 

Secure Access with Controlled Permissions.

Harness the Power of Dedicated Access Portals to Transform your Care Sector Endeavors

You and your team can effortlessly collaborate with individualised access portals. Experience improved efficiency as our user-friendly interface allows quick retrieval of care management data, optimizing productivity and ensuring safe care delivery. Personalise user access to match specific professionals' needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless user experience. Rest assured that your sensitive information is securely managed, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. 

Empowering Care Providers with The Care Database: Our Success Stories


Claire House received an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating in their latest inspection and we were delighted to see how The Care Database helped Claire House achieve this rating.
Janet Sutherland Oakes
Director of Clinical Services at Claire House

See for yourself how The Care Database safely manages care

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