NHS Interoperabilty

The Care Database is an accredited partner of Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). We have been accredited for the Detailed Care Record and Service Discovery Locator, which will provide our users with:

  • real-time access to a patient’s GP record

  • the full medical history for the patient to optimise care planning

  • an integrated view of patient data held on a number of different systems.


The Care Database is designed to help healthcare professionals deliver better care in a variety of settings – including care homes, hospices, respite centres, hospital wards and surgeries.


Whilst we have a broad prospective client base, they all have one thing in common – they will be caring for patients who have data held on a number of different healthcare systems and it’s crucial they can easily access this data.


Having the Medical Interoperability Gateway integrated into The Care Database enables our clients to do just that. And, with the data they need at their fingertips, our clients are able to deliver safer and more effective care.