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Adult Hospices

The Care Database gives your team the time to do what they do best – achieve the best quality of life for those they support

Safety and Peace of Mind are at the Forefront of Everything We Design.

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Originating within the hospice sector, The Care Database began as a bespoke system developed by Shooting Star Children's Hospices in 2000. What started as a small-scale initiative soon gained momentum, with multiple children's hospices opting to license the software. Over the years, our platform has grown to align with the dynamic services offered by these essential organisations.

Central to our success is our commitment to user feedback, ensuring continuous improvement. This approach has resulted in a robust system that not only provides a secure care management platform but also integrates crucial KPI and financial reporting features.

Recognising the unique needs of the adult sector, we've integrated powerful, real-time access to NHS data through the MIG, courtesy of Healthcare Gateway. The Care Database boasts a proven track record, contributing to organisations achieving outstanding CQC ratings.

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Commitment to Holistic Hospice Care

No matter your patient demographic, The Care Database is here to support you. We provide patient-centric solutions, integrated staff rosters, customizable reporting, and robust data security. This ensures that you can focus on delivering top-quality care while we take care of the management details.

Flexible and Customisable

Recognising that every hospice operates uniquely, our platform is highly customisable. Tailor the system to align with your specific processes and workflows, providing you with the flexibility needed to enhance operational efficiency.

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Trusted Partner for Children Hospices

At The Care Database, we take pride in being a leading care management software provider for children and young adult's hospices. With a rich blend of care expertise and cutting-edge technology, we've become a trusted ally for organizations committed to delivering compassionate and effective care to children and adults with life-limiting illnesses. Our tailored solutions streamline operations, enhance communication, and elevate the overall quality of care provided in the hospices.

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