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The Care Database - A Journey of Compassion, Collaboration, and Care Management Evolution

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In the heart of the new year, let's take a stroll down memory lane, celebrating the shared moments that shaped The Care Database into what it is today.

Embracing Humble Beginnings: In 2000, our story began at Shooting Star Children's Hospice, crafting a simple Access database. Little did we know, this humble start would grow into a journey of compassion and collaborative care. This marked the inception of what would later evolve into The Care Database. 

Building Bridges, Expanding Horizons: By 2006, our family expanded to serve 11 hospices. It wasn't just about numbers; it was about connecting hearts and weaving a network of care that spanned far beyond databases and software.

Web App Unveiling, A New Chapter: Fast forward to 2016, the unveiling of our web application marked a turning point to simplify care management, empowering teams to focus on what they do best. It wasn't just technology; it was a tool to make care management more accessible, and more human.

Celebrating Collaborative Growth: Today, we stand together, serving 17+ hospices across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Each client, and each team member, is a part of our tapestry, contributing to the vibrant story of The Care Database.

Through the years, the driving force behind our journey has always focused on simplifying care management to empower teams to excel.

Our Pledge: At The Care Database, our goal is clear - to foster a legacy of compassionate care and collaborative growth. The Care Database is about people, relationships, and making a difference. It goes beyond software; it's about the care we deliver together. We walk alongside you, supporting your mission every step of the way. We prioritise customers first, understanding that your success is our success. Delivering compassionate care is at the heart of everything we do. Your priorities are our priorities, and we're here to support you, making a real impact on the lives you touch.

Gratitude in Every Note: Our heartfelt gratitude goes to each client and team member who has played a pivotal role in our journey. Your trust, and your collaboration, have been the heartbeat of our journey. It's not just about the software; it's about the relationships we've nurtured.

A Toast to the Future: As we step into the new year, our goal remains simple – to keep growing together. The Care Database isn't just a service; it's a promise to stand by you, to navigate the intricate paths of care hand in hand. Here's to a future where care knows no bounds, where every click, every call, echoes our shared commitment to excellence. In the coming year, let's continue scripting a story of compassion, growth, and shared victories.

Wishing you a new year filled with joy, meaningful connections, and the warmth of shared journeys.


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