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Talk to us to find out how our rostering modules look at the patient's dependencies and your staff's competencies to ensure safe care during a stay.

Medical Staff

Our Features

Powerful Rostering - Seamless Scheduling

At The Care Database, we strive to make managing care rosters easier and more efficient. We provide a comprehensive care management system that simplifies the tedious task of creating and updating rosters. Our software is easy to use and offers a range of tools and features that allow you to manage rosters quickly and accurately.

It allows you to efficiently manage employee attendance, annual leave, sickness and absence and automatically calculate the hours worked for each staff member. Plus, hours remaining (positive or negative) will roll over from one roster to the next, helping you adjust how many hours each staff member is required to work.

Our software offers complete visibility into dependencies your care plans have generated, allowing you to ensure staff with the right competencies are rostered onto each shift. This, combined with its functional checks and balances, will drastically reduce any margin for error while also saving staff time when it comes to creating timesheets and payroll reports.

This helps to save staff time and ensures the safest care is provided.

Manage Staff Dependencies

Approve Leave Requests

Plan Shift Allocation

Plan Patient Stay

What Our Clients Say


Claire House received an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating in their latest inspection and we were delighted to see how The Care Database helped Claire House achieve this rating.
Janet Sutherland Oakes
Director of Clinical Services at Claire House

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