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Naomi House Children's Hospice

Naomi House started its services in 1997 to support children with life-limiting conditions. They have served more than 1000 families by providing individualised nursing care to children. They provide services across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex and Surrey.

Naomi House embarked on a transformative journey by becoming an early adopter of The Care Database. This case study highlights the successful implementation of the database at Naomi House.

Improvements observed since the adoption of The Care Database

Holistic care through comprehensive information and safeguarding processes. All relevant clinical documentation in one platform.

Accurate and reliable reporting. Deeper insights for senior management and board presentations.

One of the key highlights of working with The Care Database team was their invaluable advice and guidance. Drawing from their experience with other care teams, they shared insights on successful implementation strategies, highlighting what worked well and areas for improvement. This knowledge proved to be a valuable asset for Naomi House in planning training sessions and devising an effective rollout strategy.

Laura Bond , Executive PA, Naomi House Children's Hospice

Transforming Care Management

Enhancing Clinical Information Accuracy and Efficiency with The Care Database

Accurately recording clinical information and storing all relevant documentation in a centralised system. This feature ensures that all important information is easily accessible and organised in one place, streamlining the process for caregivers and improving efficiency.

The comprehensive information displayed on the child's front page, including the ACP, provides a holistic view of the child's needs and requirements. This enables caregivers to have a thorough understanding of the child's situation and tailor their care accordingly.

The inclusion of family information within The Care Database proves to be useful. Having access to relevant details about the child's family enhances the caregivers' understanding of the child's background, relationships, and support system, enabling them to provide more personalized care.

The ability to search through threads, allowing users to quickly retrieve specific information. This functionality saves time and enhances the user experience, enabling caregivers to access the necessary details promptly.

Want to learn more about how we helped Naomi House Children's Hospice care staff? Download the entire case study now!

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