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Three Small Ways to provide Exceptional Customer Service

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

A customer’s commitment to a brand is directly driven by a brand’s commitment to its customer. Fostering customer-centricity is important for a brand’s success. Happy Customers can often turn into brand advocates. So, keeping track of customers’ journeys and helping them throughout their journey is the key. Handling challenging conversations, resolving customer complaints, and conducting customer training are a few of the steps that help achieve the bigger goal of customer satisfaction. At The Care Database, our focus is to keep the customer’s faith alive!

Here in this blog, we will share the top three approaches that we take to keep our customers satisfied:

1. Never Ghost your client

Keeping communication alive is essential for customer retention. It adds value to your product and helps generate recurring business. Getting to know your clients, and keeping in touch, helps you understand whether your product is headed in the right direction for your customer base. At The Care Database, we conduct periodic review meetings with our clients to enquire about the usability of product features and to educate them on the best practices. This gives us a clear picture of the client's needs and demands and benefits them with tips and tricks to make the most of their investment in us.

2. Hold on to your SLA Promise

Sticking to your service SLAs keeps the customer's faith intact. Setting customer service standards and abiding by them helps generate positive word of mouth for the business. Categorising support ticket priorities by the nature of the problem and how users are impacted helps businesses to run smoothly. This is even more important in a high-stakes sector such as care management. At The Care Database, our support staff prioritise client enquiries based on criticality. We promise 9to5 support to our clients during working days along with a direct 24*7 emergency line for urgent queries.

3. Give an Ear to Your Client’s Asks

Listening is the key to any successful relationship, including your relationship with clients. Saying yes to a customer is not always feasible but understanding the reasons behind their concern is important. They want and need to be heard. Understanding the client’s requirements and planning the product roadmap accordingly helps build loyalty to the product. At The Care Database, we compile all the customisation requests raised by customers and build our development plan accordingly. We conduct yearly user group discussions and customer surveys to understand the feature requirements. Throughout the year we arrange ad-hoc forums for our users to keep in touch and explore how other organisations work.

In this blog, we have shared our recipe to boost customer satisfaction. As it is a game-changer for any business, it is imperative to turn your customer feedback into action. If you would like to share your tips on improving customer service, leave them in the comment section below.

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