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100,000 more deaths – People dying in private homes behind closed doors

Covid'19 has undoubtedly changed our day to day lives, but it has impacted the healthcare sector the most. With the best efforts put in place by healthcare workers, many died in hospitals and care homes. But there is a hidden side to this story. With the healthcare system struggling to keep up with the increasing pressure, people were also left to die in their homes. Thousands died at home without the necessary treatment. Friends, families, and carers of these people suffered because there was no support available to them. More than 100,000 additional deaths have taken place across the UK since the start of the pandemic.

One such story is Maureen, who moved from London to Birmingham to take care of her parents as they were discharged from the hospital to die. Maureen recently spoke to Hospice UK and shared how she, along with her siblings, looked after her dying parents. Thousands of others like Maureen's parents were left without proper pain relief medication, symptom management and emotional and physical support they required.

Their stories need attention; their experiences need a voice.

What needs to be done?

· Spread awareness about this serious issue.

· Urge the Covid-19 public inquiries across the UK to investigate this matter.

· Ensure proper health and care support for the people who are dying and their families.

If you want to be a part of this movement by Hospice UK, click on Join Dying Matters.

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