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Five No-Fuss Ways Online Bookings Management Can Benefit a Hospice

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Handling the family's expectations and understanding how to manage a patient's health is challenging. Caregivers make earnest efforts to deliver the right level of care at the right time. Daily, they encounter real-life roadblocks but surprise elements that are not under their control can be alleviated with the right tools and the right approach to care.

One of the significant elements of hospice management is bookings. Multiple factors must be considered while making the arrangements, such as room availability, staff shifts, dietary requirements, safeguarding concerns etc. The entire process can be error-prone and cumbersome when done the old-school way, using paper-based records.

Separate online booking diaries for residential bedrooms, family rooms, community visits or day-care can make a dramatic difference to care management. Patients and family members will have remote access to view and request bookings. The benefits of this are manifold.

Here we look at some of the primary advantages of electronic booking diaries:

1. Avoid clutter with paperless records

Manual record-keeping can lead to human error and, sometimes, chaos. Evaluating the occupancy rate, staff, and room availability take up staff time and effort. A care management software with an inbuilt, online, booking diary gives all the required information creating a time window for other priorities. Updated records for monthly and weekly schedules enable care administrators to make well-organised residential arrangements or staff scheduling.

2. Keeps the Patient's Family Satisfied:

An online booking diary gives a family an estimate of the potential availability of residential services. It improves the line of communication between the family and the caregiver and speeds up the booking process. The families stay informed of the booking status updates with correspondence via Email /SMS / Letter. This adequate information makes the whole experience hassle-free for parents.

3. Precise Funding Allocations:

Paperless records mean that the booking process is straightforward to track. Online deductions for care allocations and funding agreements maintain transparency throughout the process without discrepancy, ensuring equity of care for all families. There will be no overspending and every penny is used to provide the best possible care.

4. Clinical Safety

Coordinating and arranging residential services for a patient takes precision. Medical requirements, special diet needs, staff readiness, and safeguarding concerns need to be considered to ensure a safe stay. The dependency of the patient and the nursing competencies required for their safe care are readily available while generating booking requests.

5. Maximise Bed Occupancy

It is fundamental for hospices to have reservations for last-minute booking requests to make the most of hospice services. An online reserve list with details about declined bookings comes in handy. Care administrators can accommodate requests from families that book at short notice.

In this blog, we have explained a few noteworthy benefits of an online booking management portal. Now that you know its importance in a hospice, book your demo with The Care Database now and take advantage of seamless bookings!

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